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About Stan Katz

Stan Katz reconceives elegance, luxury, and society at large in a sculptural practice that intersects the realm of fine art with design. Drawing on the techniques of the industry’s top European woodcarvers, Katz meticulously hand-carves his wooden works that challenge our perception of seemingly everyday objects.


Inspired by his years of studying classical styles as well as the world of musical mashups, where classic songs are reinvented with a contemporary twist, Katz creates sculptural design pieces that transcend genre, time, and expectation. Challenging our conceptions of modernity, he engages his extensive career in interior design as well as 3-D and digital artistic mediums to create work at the intersection of humor and luxury. In his own remixes, his fascination with the Baroque, the Rococo, and even the Neoclassical take on new life as he subverts their historical reputation of sophistication to elevate the iconography of today. 


Amongst his most popular bodies of work is his collection of sculptural mirror frames. The emblematic imagery of our society; including the symbols for businesses such as Apple, cultural icons such as Batman, social media platforms like Twitter, and even the famed rap group the Wu-Tang Clan, undergo a metamorphosis into aesthetic works of art. These pieces are available as exclusive wooden originals with his work translated into more affordable limited edition acrylic molds and 3-D printed miniatures. As we see ourselves being reflected from within these ornate borders, we are asked to question our relationships to this new pervasive visual vocabulary. 

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